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The impact of bilingual learning in project based learning

bilingual learning

Project based learning creates the adequate setting for bilingual learning

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Bicultural Mama interview

Bicultural Mama

Meet Maria Wen Adcock from Bicultural Mama and learn how important bilingualism is at home.

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Curriculum planning resources for successful teaching

curriculum planning

Learn the ways to plan your curriculum for easy management and efficient mapping

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10 clever ways to simplify lesson planning

simplify lesson planning

Use simple tools for easy lesson planning with a collection of apps, planners, and sites.

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Second language teaching and its benefits

second language teaching

Second language teaching offers many benefits including cognitive development, language acquisition, and brain improvement.

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Teaching toddlers a second language

teaching toddles a second language

Teaching toddlers a second language needs patience and commitment. Often, teaching toddlers is a whirl of excitement. Lessons for toddlers carry a straightforward message. The instructional part of teaching toddlers requires simple planning, lots of activities, and more hands-on exploration.

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Raising bilingual children in a monolingual household

raising bilingual children

Raising bilingual children is an amazing duty, especially when they inherit culture and traditions from parents.

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