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Second language teaching and its benefits

second language teaching

Second language teaching offers many benefits including cognitive development, language acquisition, and brain improvement.

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Teaching toddlers a second language

teaching toddles a second language

Teaching toddlers a second language needs patience and commitment. Often, teaching toddlers is a whirl of excitement. Lessons for toddlers carry a straightforward message. The instructional part of teaching toddlers requires simple planning, lots of activities, and more hands-on exploration.

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Raising bilingual children in a monolingual household

raising bilingual children

Raising bilingual children is an amazing duty, especially when they inherit culture and traditions from parents.

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Discover the best bilingual graphic organizers

bilingual graphic organizers

Seeking the best bilingual graphic organizers is not an easy task. You might be wondering how even to choose the right one for your class? Look no further! I have a collection of the best bilingual graphic organizers. If you

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How to conjugate Spanish present tense verbs

conjugate Spanish present tense verbs

When you conjugate Spanish present tense verbs, memorization is not the only thing you want. You need a system to help you learn how verbs form. You might ask: How do I use Spanish conjugation to learn verbs? Mainly, you address

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Spanish Nursery Rhymes Infographics – The Ultimate Guide

Spanish nursery rhymes

Why do you need Spanish nursery rhymes when you teach Spanish class? One of the most important parts of teaching Spanish is to captivate your students with literature. But what happens when the students are preschoolers? When you want to

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10 Ways to Teach Spanish Sight Words

teach Spanish sight words

What are some fun ways to teach Spanish sight words? To teach Spanish sight words is just as important as learning them whether it is in English or Spanish. When teaching Spanish sight words, it is essential to offer the

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