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Barbara is a bilingual teacher in Spanish, math, and science. She loves to teach about the curiosity nature has to offer. Barbara also offers services as a teacher, freelance science writer, and technical writer. She is the creator of Spanish4Kiddos.

How to Teach Months in Spanish

teach months in Spanish

How do you teach months in Spanish in an easy and fun way? One of the best to learn Spanish for beginners is to learn the months of the year. It is beneficial to explore how to write, pronounce, and

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Summer immersion programs

summer immersion programs

Questions to ask about summer immersion programs Summer immersion programs are very popular when the school year is over. Perhaps, you might’ve consider whether these programs are worth the time and money. Regardless of the motivation to undertake a course

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Instructional techniques for interactive notebooks

instructional techniques

How to use input and output activities for your interactive notebook classes? When using instructional techniques for interactive notebooks, it is best to use simple methods. Students engage better when the activities are short with easy to follow directions. Ensure

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Left side activities for interactive notebooks

left side activities

Do you know how students learn the most from the left side activities in their interactive notebooks? The left side activities of interactive notebooks is sometimes the most hands-on experience for most students. It is also the most fun. On this

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Interactive Notebook Grading Systems

grading interactive notebooks

How to grade interactive notebooks without going insane Interactive notebook grading systems are important steps in having success throughout the school year. When you have a grading system that is consistent, fair, and easy to follow, it gives students a

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Grading Interactive Notebooks with Rubrics

grading interactive notebooks

Using Rubrics to Grading Interactive Notebooks Rubrics are essential tools for grading interactive notebooks at any grade level. Depending on the grade level, it is important you have a guideline about what you want to grade on. Grading interactive notebooks

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Essential Guide to Interactive Notebooks

interactive notebooks

Interactive Notebooks as Educational Tools Perhaps, you use interactive notebooks in your classroom or in your homeschool group. But no matter the setting you use them, there is more value than simply as an educational tool. More than ever, teachers

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