Fun learning activities – Careers

fun learning activities careers

Fun learning activities like learning careers can be more than educational. It can open up the opportunity for children to learn about what jobs are done in the community.

This fun learning activity can also encourage children to explore careers. In doing a job, sometimes children may not be aware of dangers or hazards that grown-ups do.

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Multicultural classroom

multicultural classroom

Multicultural classroom is a diverse environment of cultures. It is a multitude of cultures, social groups, and ethnicity.

What is a multicultural classroom or education?

“Multicultural education is a set of strategies and materials in U.S. education that were developed to assist teachers to respond to the many issues created by rapidly changing demographics of their students.”

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Animal names

animal names

Animal names are fun to learn when you try the wheel game. In the wheel game, children can take turns with the wheel.

Each time children move the wheel; an animal appears with the Spanish and English labels. In this way, children can learn the animal names as they see a picture and label.

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Cinco de mayo lesson

cinco de mayo lesson

In this Cinco de Mayo lesson, you can use the story of the Battle of Puebla. To teach children about the significance of Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May), you can use the mini-book to help them understand about this holiday.

Although it is mostly focused on the Mexican people liberating from French forces in the 19th century, you can also teach about liberty and freedom. Just like American forces are battling for our freedom, the Mexican people also did the same.

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Days of the week in Spanish

days of the week in Spanish

Learning the days of the week in Spanish is an essential part of teaching Spanish. Students can familiarize themselves with the days of the week by using this learning activity and writing practice.

By simply using a calendar or bulletin board, you can teach students the basics of the days of the week in Spanish. In these days of the week in Spanish lesson, children can practice their handwriting.

The worksheet can be folded into a calendar-type for children to see the different days. You can also paste it on construction paper to make a calendar. See the following instructions on how to make this cute calendar of days of the week in Spanish.

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Farm animals names in Spanish

farm animals

The topic about farm animals is a great learning experience for preschoolers and young children. Farm animals are easy to understand and visualize.

Preschoolers can learn about farm animals in many ways. They can learn about how they live and what they do.

Even though farm animals provide us with so much, we can also teach preschoolers about kindness to animals. Without providing too much shocking detail, we can also talk about animal cruelty.

More importantly, farm animals teach children about how they can give us food, clothing, and even community. It can also teach preschoolers the many different places on Earth.

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Spanish ir verbs

spanish ir verbs

Spanish ir verbs, as you’ve seen before with conjugating ar and er verbs, follow a pattern. The Spanish ir verbs also have singular and plural pronouns to associate each verb conjugation.

Spanish ir verbs like ar and er verbs have the same singular endings. For instance, first person singular has o ending. Second person singular has es ending. Also, the third person singular has the e ending.

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