Spanish books for children to learn about autumn

The fall season can bring so much joy to children. Many kids will know it is the beginning of the new school year, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. And many of them will also enjoy apple and pumpkin picking. In fact, many families will perhaps enjoy a wonderful afternoon at parks and fall festivals.

How can parents help their children learn about the significance of the change of the seasons? The following book reviews can help the bilingual parent or educator to select the adequate stories to read to children and learn more about autumn.

“Las hojas en otoño” by Martha E. H. Rustad

Read about the wonderful and colorful leaves of autumn. This non-fiction is easy to read with beautiful photographs of various leaves during the fall season. Glossary and other resources included.

Bilingual book. Age group: 5 and up; ISBN: 9781429632607

“Los animales en otoño” by Martha E. H. Rustad

How do animals get ready for autumn? Children can learn in four easy-to-read chapters how squirrels, beavers, rabbits, birds, butterflies, bees, and bears prepare for the coming fall season. Glossary and extra resources included.

Bilingual book. Age group: 5 and up; ISBN: 9781429632584

“Las personas en otoño” by Martha E. H. Rustad

If animals in different habitats prepare for autumn, do people also get ready for the fall season? Learn the traditional signs of fall such as back to school, Halloween, harvest time, Thanksgiving, and other family events. Glossary and other resources included.

Bilingual book. Age group: 5 and up; ISBN: 9781429632614

“¿Cómo sabes que es otoño?” by Allan Fowler

In this easy to read picture book, children can learn additional information about the signs of the fall season. From bundling up into warmer clothes to celebrating Thanksgiving, autumn can bring many great family events.

Spanish book. Age group: 5 and up; ISBN: 0516349228

Como Sabes Que Es Otono? (Rookie Read-About Science) (Spanish Edition)

“Veo el otoño” by Charles Ghigna

This delightful picture book tells the story of a little boy in search of autumn. To his surprise, he finds the fall season everywhere he looks: school, home, during Halloween and Thanksgiving, at the park, and at apple picking.

Bilingual book. Age group: 5 and up; ISBN: 9781404873070

I See Fall (Spanish edition)

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