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Fun learning activities – Careers

fun learning activities careers

Fun learning activities like learning careers can be more than educational. It can open up the opportunity for children to learn about what jobs are done in the community. This fun learning activity can also encourage children to explore careers.

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Easter egg learning activity

Easter egg learning activity

This Easter egg learning activity for children is fun and educational. By using plastic Easter eggs and some sight words, young children can collect them and learn as they go. Learning sight words can be tedious and boring when using

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Spanish sight words

Spanish sight words

Spanish sight words are simple one or two syllable words that can only be learned by memorization. Just like in English, Spanish sight words are important for reading. Eventually, the reader becomes more aware of phonetics and print awareness. More

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Spanish seasons lesson plan

spanish seasons

Spanish seasons are fun to learn. Seasons occur in a cycle: winter, spring, summer, and fall. In this Spanish lesson about learning seasons, you’ll learn the basic information about seasons and how plants adapt to the different changes in seasons.

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Five senses in Spanish for kids

Bilingual feeling bingo game

When learning the five senses in Spanish, kids need to learn the simple basics of how our senses helps us get around. In this Spanish lesson for kids, the five senses are presented in a brief science description, the sense

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Spanish lesson: How to conjugate Spanish regular verbs

In learning Spanish, verb conjugation is an essential skill to learn. Why do students learning the language need to know verb conjugation in Spanish? In simple terms, verb conjugation is defined as: Spanish is a relatively synthetic language with a

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