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Heroes of the City: Educational review

heroes of the city

Heroes of the City provide educational products for young children between the ages 3 and 6. Based in Sweden, the productions Ruta ett offers educational apps, books, and toys for girls and boys. The fun part of Heroes of the

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Educational app for kids review: Petralingua Spanish language course

As technology evolves to be in our everyday lives, it is also part of the lives of many children. In fact, many children now have more computers in the classroom than decades before. Young elementary school students embrace each day

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Educational app review: Wubbzy’s dinosaur adventure

Technology is all around us nowadays. Whether it’s a mobile device, tablet, or laptop, it goes with us at every moment. But what’s amazing is that many children use it as an educational tool. They use it at school or

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Educational book review: Learning about the life and culture of the children of the Andes

It’s not often that many authors and songwriters get a chance to introduce a different culture. But Daria’s music provide a wonderful book that tells about how children live in the harsh conditions of the Andes Mountains. But the story

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Educational book review: Learning about Annie Fox and the adventures of Raymond and Sheila

Independence of young children is not described in a manual. And, definitely, there are no specific rules. Parents and educators are puzzled how to educate children and show them how to express their feelings. And sometimes it’s not easy. Expression

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