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Spanish learning activity: Seasons

Spanish learning activity

In this Spanish learning activity, you’ll learn to make a bilingual mobile of the seasons. By using simple homemade products, you’ll be able to recycle and teach children about the seasons. The Spanish learning activity consists of making a mobile

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How to make a safe and fun kaleidoscope for kids

They’re beautiful to look at and kids love to play with them. What’s more to love is the way the color interweave in a majestic color design. What am I referring to? I’m referring to a kaleidoscope. These amazing tools

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Summer craft idea for kids to make pet rocks

Summer vacation may be coming to a close for some families. And many are getting ready for the busy routine of the school year. Before the summer is over, many children can collect items to remember their time spent either

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Earth Day craft for kids: How to make a Paper Mache globe

Learning about Earth Day can be a fun activity for kids. It can also be a rewarding experience for parents and children. By making crafts together, it allows the relationship between parents and children to bloom that can’t be replaced

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Easy craft for kids: Using ladybug cutouts to learn about measurements

Ladybugs can captivate a child’s learning experience about insects. These tiny little bugs are amazing creatures of nature. Many children would even be more amazed to learn that they can keep plants healthy by eating plant pests like aphids. Ladybugs

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