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Helping struggling readers: 7 tips to encourage reading at home

Suzy is like all young children. She’s interested in everything from dinosaurs to paper dolls to building blocks. But when it comes to reading, she struggles to sound out the basic vowels or letters. Her parents were so concerned, that

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Reading strategies for parents of struggling readers

Early learners seek their surroundings to learn and explore. They even look for ways to explore with various educational tools. Educators captivate their curiosity in many ways: reading, music, and dramatic play. But reading can sometimes be a difficult task

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Magazine Literacy: An organization committed to preventing illiteracy

Could magazines really make an impact in the world of literacy for future generations? Can illiteracy be an issue in the United States and around the world? Approximately 30 millions of Americans are incapacitated to read or write English. But

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Reading for kids: Audiobooks as language learning tools

It may not be easy for educators to hear students say, “I don’t like to read” or “I think reading is boring”. But these statements are very common among students that are struggling with reading and language. Yet, there are

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Easy literacy skills: 7 tips to help parents of early readers

Promoting language skills is not an easy task for any parent. There was Suzy looking at the board book she was holding. Her mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner and the television was turned on. All Suzy could do at 6 months old is

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