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Pronunciation and phonetics with other language terms

pronunciation and phonetics

Pronunciation and phonetics, although they are associated with language learning, are quite distinct language terms. In learning Spanish or another language, keeping pronunciation and phonetics clear is important in learning how to speak the language. Many language terms are necessary

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Education for preschoolers: 5 ways to encourage early literacy at home

When is it a good time to start reading to your child? Is the perfect time at night or before nap time? There is really no sure answer to that question. But what educators and parents want is often to

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Story time fun: 3 easy and fun ways for early literacy

Why is story time the best time for early literacy? It is a time for a group of preschoolers or young children to engage with books and reading. Early literacy doesn’t happen overnight. It is cultivated with amazing picture books

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Poetry for kids: 3 literary Spanish poems to learn rhyming

When it comes to learning new vocabulary, there’s no better way or more fun than a rhyming poem. In these literary genres, not only do children get to appreciate a rhyme and a story, but they also get lyrics to a

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Easy literacy skills: 7 tips to help parents of early readers

Promoting language skills is not an easy task for any parent. There was Suzy looking at the board book she was holding. Her mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner and the television was turned on. All Suzy could do at 6 months old is

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How can parents help struggling readers with reading comprehension?

Engaging children in reading can be one of the most fun ways to encourage learning to read. When children start to learn to read, they begin to understand the many wonderful aspects of the world around them. But for struggling

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Learning activity for preschoolers: Letter recognition

As reading becomes a very important time for parents and children, there are some ways to make the reading process fun and interactive. One of the obvious ways is to sit down with the children and read an exciting book.

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