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Cinco de mayo lesson

cinco de mayo lesson

In this Cinco de Mayo lesson, you can use the story of the Battle of Puebla. To teach children about the significance of Cinco de Mayo (Fifth of May), you can use the mini-book to help them understand about this

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What is all the buzz about? The National Spanish Spelling Bee 2013

It is not often to see a group of students to gather and actually enjoy spelling words. It’s even more amazing when these students can get excited to spell Spanish words. What is all the buzzing excitement about? The exhilarating

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Fun ways to use a flannel board to learn Spanish shapes and vocabulary

Flannel boards are great learning tools to use for storytelling. But it can also be used for displaying new vocabulary and shapes. It is so versatile that no homeschool classroom or preschool class can be without one. When using a

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Spanish books for children to learn about germs

Children not always want to brush their teeth, wash their hands, or use tissues when they sneeze. By learning how germs make us sick, parents can teach children the importance of keeping healthy. By maintaining a healthy living, it will

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Learning Spanish diphthongs: Strong and weak vowel formation

When learning Spanish as a second language, it is often unanticipated how to pronounce certain vowel combinations. Spanish grammatical rules indicate that diphthongs are essential in pronunciation and reading. But what are diphthongs in understanding Spanish? Diphthongs are combinations of

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Educational magazine review: Learning about Bilingual Times

Literacy is such an important aspect for parents, nowadays. It is even more essential when parents have children that struggle with reading or have a learning disability. Reading can be daunting or a chore. But reading can be a wonderful

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Learning Spanish for toddlers with Bilinguebabies

Meet Audrey and her wonderful children from the United Kingdom in this delightful article. In her journey to educate her children in many languages, she also teaches Spanish and French. Learn more about her inspirational quest to master multiculturalism and the

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