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Summer immersion programs

summer immersion programs

Questions to ask about summer immersion programs Summer immersion programs are very popular when the school year is over. Perhaps, you might’ve consider whether these programs are worth the time and money. Regardless of the motivation to undertake a course

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Pronunciation and phonetics with other language terms

pronunciation and phonetics

Pronunciation and phonetics, although they associated with language learning, are quite distinct language terms. Keeping pronunciation and phonetics clear is important. As you begin to learn a new language, speaking is just as necessary as learning the grammar. In teaching

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Five senses in Spanish for kids

Bilingual feeling bingo game

When learning the five senses in Spanish, kids need to learn the simple basics of how our senses helps us get around. In this Spanish lesson for kids, the five senses are presented in a brief science description, the sense

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How to make word strips to learn Spanish words with ch

Learning Spanish vocabulary for kids doesn’t have to be a boring task. By using simple homemade supplies, you’ll be able to construct a vocabulary that is easy to make. Words in Spanish have a special significance.

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Benefits of Spanish two-way immersion programs

two-way immersion programs

Two-way immersion programs are becoming increasingly popular in many states where Spanish-speaking students are part of the student population. Dual-immersion programs are those curriculums that integrate Spanish and English into subjects like language arts, science, math, and social studies.

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Spanish lesson for kids: Learning about colors

Colors, magnificent as they are, can describe the very essence of where we live. They illustrate every single detail about where and how we see the world around us. From a shirt to a milk cup, colors can tell us

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Spanish lesson for kids: Learning the alphabet with pictures

Letters are like building blocks to make words. When we talk (either in Spanish or English) we use composite of letters and sounds to make new words. In fact, as we combine letters, we phonetically pronounce words. In Spanish, we

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