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Raising bilingual children in a monolingual household

raising bilingual children

Raising bilingual children is an amazing duty, especially when they inherit culture and traditions from parents.

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Feelings lesson plan in Spanish


Feelings lessons are part of preschool curriculum in almost every class. Lessons on feelings terms help preschoolers to deal with behavior issues. It also helps to understand feelings. Whether emotions take part of our daily lives, it is our feelings

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Special needs education

special needs education

Special needs education is more than helping those children that need us. Within a particular section of teaching, special needs education is teaching those students about life. Special needs education is defined as: a term used in clinical diagnostic and

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Water safety for children: 5 tips to keep them out of danger

Suzy, with her pink polka dot floaters, was happy playing in the swimming pool, while her mom was only a few inches away. But all of the sudden, the phone rang. Suzy’s mom went to answer the phone that she

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Celebrating National Teachers Day: A big thank you

Teachers make all the difference in the world. In fact, the education of children depends on great teachers. They are educators and mentors that give that little encouragement to our children. So, we thank you = gracias. In May, teachers

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5 ways to teach children about pets

Friendship can come in all shapes and sizes. But there’s nothing cuter than to see friendship blossom between a pet and a child. Or is it? As parents and educators, we have the responsibility to educate our children on how to take

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