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Spanish lesson: How to conjugate Spanish regular verbs

conjugate spanish regular verbs

In learning Spanish, verb conjugation is an essential skill to learn. Why do students learning the language need to know verb conjugation in Spanish? The definition of verb conjugation is the following: Spanish is a relatively synthetic language with a

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Five useful tips to select a good reference book

When you decide to take the big leap to start learning Spanish or even refresh a few words or phrases, how do you go about selecting the right tools to do so? When selecting Spanish reference books, you may want

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Spanish books for children to learn about Thanksgiving

Giving thanks is an important part of Thanksgiving; it is also a great time to gather with families and friends. Since the first time the pilgrims gathered around their tables with Native Americans to celebrate this holiday, it was also

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Hispanic museums: 7 best places to visit with kids

hispanic museums

Hispanic museums are great field trip experiences. Field trips can be an exciting educational adventure for children. Many of these trips can even be scheduled at the end or beginning of the school year as a special treat. And some

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