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Education for preschoolers: 5 ways to encourage early literacy at home

When is it a good time to start reading to your child? Is the perfect time at night or before nap time? There is really no sure answer to that question. But what educators and parents want is often to

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Summer reading tips: 5 ways to encourage reading after school

Summer is the season to temporarily say good-bye to the school year and begin summer vacation. In fact, many students look forward to that last day of school with anticipation and excitement. But regardless whether children enjoyed learning during the

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Immersion program ideas for grades K-1: 10 ways to incorporate Spanish topics

Bilingual children learn best when language topics are presented in a fun and entertaining way. It is even more fun when reading and grammar concepts are easily tied to puppet shows and stories. But how can parents and educators incorporate

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Why being bilingual can improve language learning?

Is being bilingual in diverse languages besides the native one an excellent way to improve your brain skills? The way we acquire language is an amazing process. In fact, children, younger than 3 years old, are able to absorb words

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Poetry for kids: 3 literary Spanish poems to learn rhyming

When it comes to learning new vocabulary, there’s no better way or more fun than a rhyming poem. In these literary genres, not only do children get to appreciate a rhyme and a story, but they also get lyrics to a

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Poetry for children is a great reading alternative

Children’s poetry is one of the most rewarding experiences educators can show. Besides the literacy aspect of poems, it also shows rhyming, metaphors, and boosts their imaginations. Not only it is fun to learn another language by reading different types

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Helping struggling readers: 7 tips to encourage reading at home

Suzy is like all young children. She’s interested in everything from dinosaurs to paper dolls to building blocks. But when it comes to reading, she struggles to sound out the basic vowels or letters. Her parents were so concerned, that

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