Anchor charts to supercharge your bilingual literacy centers

anchor charts

Anchor charts are more than educational tools around the classroom. These posters hang on walls or clips on boards helping students and teacher with information.

You might use them in your classroom or homeschool group to explain procedures. Whether you are organizing a bilingual literacy station or giving instructions to read, anchor charts help you develop various instructional techniques.

Bilingual literacy centers benefit using them because they design, model, and remind students of many language skills.

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Unexpected effective uses for bilingual literacy centers

bilingual literacy centers

Bilingual literacy centers are ideal methods for teaching a foreign language in the classroom. As useful as a textbook, you model the instruction in class using simple methods of teaching.

Any tool of literacy helps with education, especially books, videos, and interactive apps. When students interact more with the reading material and with you, they are more apt to retain information and use it later.

Bilingual literacy centers propagate on the idea of students learning in different ways from one station to another.

How are instructional stations different from any other teaching method?

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Teaching kids to love a foreign language

teaching kids

Teaching kids a foreign language is just as important as to love it. While many parents would enjoy for their children to learn a foreign language, it is not always feasible. Many times, older children are not interested in learning another language.

Mostly, they feel outcasts among friends that don’t speak the language. In addition to not sharing the same connection in learning a language, older children, especially, have a difficult time to accept the differences.

More often, they have trouble keeping up with their native one let alone another language. What keeps older children from achieving their desire to learn a second language?

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Three practical and clever ways to use foldables


Why is it necessary to have a handful of foldables in your interactive notebook lessons? Foldables are one of the best ways to organize quick information.

Students rely on straightforward methods to gather learning material to put into practice. Much of the techniques in learning comes from using organization skills.

Students thrive in learning environments that generate painless ways to put together information.

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