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Sensory bins as building blocks for bilingual learning

sensory bins

Sensory bins are containers that generate fun and engaging activities. Use sensory bins in a variety of ways to show themes of learning, vocabulary introduction, or encourage tactile experiences.

More importantly, sensory bins create alternative ways to practice motor skills for preschoolers. Preschoolers interact with many aspects of their surroundings.

That is, they use all their senses to feel, hear, touch, smell, and even to taste. Although many senses in your bodies trigger a reaction, we often are unaware of the effect in the learning experience. So, how do sensory bins help children, especially bilingual, develop language skills to be successful in both languages?

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How to Teach Months in Spanish

teach months in Spanish

How do you teach months in Spanish in an easy and fun way?

One of the best ways to learn Spanish for beginners is to learn the months of the year. It is beneficial to explore how to write, pronounce, and know each month.

Many of the months are easily displayed in the classroom or homeschool group. Perhaps, you might want to start by pointing out the basic components of a typical date. Focus on the number, day, month, and year.

In this way, the basic parts of the date set the foundation for learning more about time in Spanish.

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Left side activities for interactive notebooks

left side activities

Do you know how students learn the most from the left side activities in their interactive notebooks?

The left side activities of interactive notebooks is sometimes the most hands-on experience for most students. It is also the most fun. On this side, students participate more with their learning.

They are more active in completing questions and offering feedback. Amazingly, students like to collaborate more with each other, as well.

Problem-solving or searching for answers are easier for students with these simple activities. As a matter of fact, interactive notebooks help students not only become active learners but to ask questions as they are learning.

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