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Bicultural Mama interview

Bicultural Mama

Bilingual parents engage with their children to encourage learning a new language at home all the time. Today, I’m talking with a great multicultural mom, Maria Wen Adcock from Bicultural Mama.

She is gracious with us today and describes the happy times of being a multicultural mom to her daughters. As a mom and writer, she explains the benefits of having her daughters learn a new language not only from family but her community as well.

Importance of bilingualism at home with Bicultural Mama

1. As a bicultural mom, what do you think it is the most important aspect to teach your children about both cultures?

I think the most important thing is to teach them pride in both cultures. Depending on circumstances, a child’s exposure to both cultures may be uneven. In the long run, this could cause a child not to appreciate or value one culture as much as the other. For example, I live in a town with few Asians.

My parents, who are from China, live in another state. As a result, my children do not have daily access to Asian family and friends who can reinforce their Asian heritage. In this way, I make sure my kids are aware — and proud — of their heritage by educating them about Chinese culture and practicing traditions.

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Teaching children about Hispanic culture

Hispanic culture

Hispanic culture is fun and educational when teaching children about it. It opens up the window of opportunity to learn more than Hispanic culture. They learn about famous Hispanic writers, cultural arts, and folklore music.

In teaching Hispanic culture to children, it is always best to learn it from the source. However, when it’s almost impossible to accomplish, there are other alternatives.

Teaching them about their Hispanic culture is an amazing journey in itself. Here, you’ll meet Maria from Puerto Rico.

She discusses how she raises her children to learn Hispanic culture. Truly, teaching children to learn Hispanic culture can be entertaining and lasting for their entire lives.

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Bilingual education in elementary schools

Children reading books

Bilingual education in elementary schools is slowly integrating foreign language programs. Whereas high schools already have foreign language programs in place, elementary schools are still trying to educate their students in languages other than English.

Spanish, Mandarin, and other foreign languages are making the way into school systems and parts of the bilingual education in the United States. Yet, much needs to be done.

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