Sensory bins as building blocks for bilingual learning

sensory bins

Sensory bins are containers that generate fun and engaging activities. Use sensory bins in a variety of ways to show themes of learning, vocabulary introduction, or encourage tactile experiences.

More importantly, sensory bins create alternative ways to practice motor skills for preschoolers. Preschoolers interact with many aspects of their surroundings.

That is, they use all their senses to feel, hear, touch, smell, and even to taste. Although many senses in your bodies trigger a reaction, we often are unaware of the effect in the learning experience. So, how do sensory bins help children, especially bilingual, develop language skills to be successful in both languages?

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Three practical and clever ways to use foldables


Why is it necessary to have a handful of foldables in your interactive notebook lessons? Foldables are one of the best ways to organize quick information.

Students rely on straightforward methods to gather learning material to put into practice. Much of the techniques in learning comes from using organization skills.

Students thrive in learning environments that generate painless ways to put together information.

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The complete library of foldables

complete library of foldables

A library of a foldable template is a must-have for any teachers’ toolbox. Why are foldables an essential part of instruction for any subject? This complete library of foldables is a comprehensive resource to use as study guides, introduction to vocabulary or new terms, and consolidate processes.

Templates in your Library of Foldables

You can use foldable templates for just about any subject. Good use of foldable models is that you can use them year after year of teaching. Once you have a set of templates, make a binder or folder of them according to grade, subject, or even topic.

Pop-up templates

Preschool students have fun making pop-up foldables that they can share with friends. But that is not all. Pop-up charts or organizers are a useful way to teach them about storytelling, playtime, and story sequence. For older students, pop-up offer a valuable learning tool to investigate processes in science or math. Many of the pop-up foldables easily insert into an interactive notebook.

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