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Benefits of learning a foreign language

foreign language

Why is it important to learn a foreign language? Does the idea of learning another language may be daunting and scary? It might be for some. If readers are committed to learning a foreign language, then they might be surprised to learn about its benefits. Although not clearly defined, a foreign language is a tongue besides the native tongue or language learned.

Improvement of communication skills

Whether you decide to learn a second language for business or to just to pass another class for credits, you unknowingly improve your language skills in grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. There are differences between the native and the foreign language. Many of the details in sentence order, words in context and manipulation are associated with the logistics of learning a foreign language.

Although experts believe that learning another language can enhance intelligence, studies are still unclear. However, educational experts do agree that the earlier a person studies a foreign language, the better in mastering semantics at a later age.

Ability to learn another culture or heritage in foreign language

It’s very exciting to learn about how Spain, Central America, and Latin America celebrate different holidays or traditions. The different dialects between these places are delightful to learn, especially when one specific word can represent so many meanings. For instance, taco is a Mexican dish but it is a heel in a shoe for Latin American countries. It’s quite the pun.

foreign language

Enhancement of memory and critical thinking skills

Studies conducted on bilingual children have found an increase in memory and problem-solving manipulation. This could suggest that learning a foreign language in a structured based program can improve these learning basics.

Other experts may argue that an immersion program for children or beginners is more appropriate. An immersion program entails the understanding of daily tasks or specific subjects like science or social studies without the use of a structured based curriculum. Grammar, vocabulary, and spelling develop later.

Knowledge about various literary Latin authors in foreign language

Many foreign authors contributed to the literary culture and helped shaped Spanish. This is an important aspect of learning a foreign language. In fact, many famous literary authors use common words and dialects of the modern language.

Whether a poet or novelist, they have helped shaped modern-day language, which led to the official academy of the languages. These academies like the Real Academia Española (RAE) have the precedent authority of the Spanish language in the World.

So, next time, you read the Don Quixote de la Mancha, or a Pablo Neruda novel, a Federico García Lorca poem, you’re sure to know that these famous writers provided the foundation to the Spanish language. Now, you didn’t think to learn a foreign language could have so many benefits?

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5 Easy Fun Spanish Rhymes and Lyrics for Preschoolers

Spanish rhymes

Entertaining Spanish rhymes and lyrics

Spanish rhymes as storytelling is a fun learning experience for children. They learn about new words and new letter sounds. When children have fun with words and rhyming, then they tend to like reading more often and tell others about the story.

In this way, Spanish rhymes are a great way to introduce new literature to children. This is also a wonderful way to challenge children to move from the beginner reading level more advanced reading.

Another great way to encourage rhyming is to recite popular nursery rhymes with a song or with the help of musical instruments. Musical instruments like maracas, tambourines, shakers, and bells are wonderful learning tools to help children recognize particular phonemes.

And, it helps them develop essential reading skills.

To help with the phonological awareness of English and Spanish words, 5 easy rhymes and lyrics are presented:

Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed (Bilingual)

(Lyrics in English)

Five little monkeys jumping on the bed.

One fell out and bump its head.

Mama call the doctor.

And the doctor said,

“No more monkeys jumping on the bed.”

Four little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Repeat verses 2-5.

Three little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Repeat verses 2-5.

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed.

Repeat verses 2-5.

One little monkey jumping on the bed.

Repeat verses 2-5.

Zero monkeys jumping on the bed.

Repeat verses 2-5.

Cinco monitos saltando en la cama (Bilingual)

(Lyrics in Spanish)

Cinco monitos saltando en la cama.

Uno se cayó y se golpeó la cabeza.

La mamá llamó al doctor.

Y el doctor le dijo,

“No más monitos saltando en la cama.”

Cuatro monitos saltando en la cama. Repetir versos 2-5.

Tres monitos saltando en la cama. Repetir versos 2-5.

Dos monitos saltando en la cama. Repetir versos 2-5.

Un monito saltando en la cama. Repetir versos 2-5.

Cero monitos saltando en la cama. Repetir versos 2-5.

This particular lyric is an excellent source to learn numbers, the sequential order of events, storytelling, rhyming, and phoneme. A great way to learn these verses is by using flannel board figures, songs or flannel hand puppets.

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary (Bilingual)

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,

How does your garden grow?

With silver bells and cockleshells

And pretty maids all in a row.

(En Español) 

María, María, tan contraria

¿Cómo crece tú jardín?

Con campanas de plata y conchitas de mar

Y bellas damas todas en ilera.

Spanish rhymes

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe (Bilingual)

One, two, buckle my shoe

Three, four, shut the door

Five, six, pick up sticks

Seven, eight, lay them straight

Nine, ten, a good fat hen.

(En Español) 

Uno, dos, me pongo mis zapatos

Tres, cuatro, cierro la puerta

Cinco, seis, tomo estas ramitas

Siete, ocho, las pongo derechitas

Nueve, diez, una buena gallina gordita.

Mary had a little lamb (Bilingual)

Mary had a little lamb

Its fleece was white as snow

And everywhere that Mary went,

The lamb was sure to go.

It followed her to school one day

That was against the rules

It made the children laugh and play

To see the lamb at school.

(En Español) 

María tenía un pequeño corderito

Su lana era blanca como la nieve

Y todo lugar que María iba,

el corderito la seguía

La seguió a la escuela un día

Eso no estaba permitido

Los niños se reían y jugaban

Al ver el corderito en la escuela.

spanish rhymes

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Bilingual)

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

Up above the world so high

Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are.

(En Español) 

Brilla, brilla pequeña estrellita

Que desearía lo que sos

Alto, alto por el mundo estás

Como un diamante en el cielo sos

brilla, brilla pequeña estrellita

que desearía lo que sos.

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A new method of reading with ebook reader

New Wave of Reading with Ebook Reader

Could there be any other way to read the latest and greatest Spanish stories than the traditional bounded paper book? From grade school to college, textbooks and story books have taken over the bookshelves. But, the new book age of electronic readers or e-book readers is quickly conquering the once hardcover and other periodicals market.

If you consider that in the last few years, electronic devices have revolutionized the way we obtain information. With the launch of the electronic book reader or e-book reader in 2007, more and more people are getting used to electronic devices. Reading favorite stories, news, or magazines with a small device that fits right into the palm of your hand is easy and convenient.

Can we say that there are better ways to read? Can we say that we can learn more with electronic devices? Can we say that eBook readers can improve literacy skills?

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