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Cultural diversity within the classroom in building communities

cultural diversity classroom

While there is a global change of culture, there is also a change in the classroom. Much of what students relate to culture is from each other in class.

At that moment, you have the opportunity to build a community in the classroom of mutual respect and assimilate to each other’s cultural diversity. What is more important than to teach students the need for cultural awareness?

Even though you find it overwhelming to adjust cultural awareness to lesson planning, it is much easier than you think. To my surprise, students engage the most in learning activities when lessons incorporate cultural diversity.

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Multicultural classroom

multicultural classroom

Multicultural classroom is a diverse environment of cultures. It is a multitude of cultures, social groups, and ethnicity.

What is a multicultural classroom or education?

“Multicultural education is a set of strategies and materials in U.S. education that were developed to assist teachers to respond to the many issues created by rapidly changing demographics of their students.”

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Feelings lesson plan in Spanish


Feelings lessons are part of preschool curriculum in almost every class. Lessons on feelings terms help preschoolers to deal with behavior issues.

It also helps to understand feelings. Whether emotions take part of our daily lives, it is our feelings that we express when we are happy, sad, frustrated, angry, excited or surprised.

Much of our feelings show up in our faces. We express happiness when we smile and show sadness when we frown.

In this feelings lesson plan, you will learn how feelings are part of our brains. This lesson also includes a brief bilingual activity to teach children about feelings.

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