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What are the best books to learn Spanish?

Many readers have asked me what are the best books to refresh Spanish grammar, vocabulary or beginner workbooks? My best advice is to look for specific details in each book and what areas the reader might want to refresh. I also post book suggestions for grades pre-K through 5th.

What is the best software for kids to learn Spanish?

I haven’t found a great software program or curriculum. Of course, a computer program or software should enhance your learning but not replace a tutor or teacher.

How can readers contact Spanish4Kiddos?

The best way to reach Barbara is via email or the contact form.

Do you have any videos, or are you on YouTube?

You can subscribe to the Spanish4Kiddos channel on YouTube or check out the video section (currently under construction). Here, I post many findings of children books, educational programs, and my bilingual lessons.

How can I reach you to learn more about your tutoring services?

Tutoring fees are U$S 20 per hour per student. For additional students, prices can vary. Please, inquire for a quote. For video or telephone tutoring, fees are U$S 10 for the 30 minutes, regardless of the number of students. It also requires a Skype connection.

Please, note tutoring services are unavailable until further notice.

If you would like to know more about my credentials and tutoring/teaching experience, please contact me via email with the subject header: TUTORING INQUIRY

Do you recommend any books for tweens?

At the moment, Spanish4Kiddos focuses on early childhood education materials. But materials for middle school: 6th – 7th grade may be available in the near future.

Why Spanish4Kiddos?

Barbara supports you with teacher resources to boost students' learning experiences.

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