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Easter egg learning activity

Easter egg learning activity

This Easter egg learning activity for children is fun and educational. By using plastic Easter eggs and some sight words, young children can collect them and learn as they go.

Learning sight words can be tedious and boring when using flash cards memorization. Some children, who are visual learners, become frustrated.

In this Easter egg learning activity, any learner can learn sight words by simply using game as the learning venue. When educators provide games as learning, children are more motivated to learn.

Easter egg learning activity

In fact, many children now use technology to learn. Whether it is a tablet or personal computer, children are learning while playing.

That is the goal of this Easter egg learning activity. Teaching children to learn while playing can be more than an educational activity.

Children learn to collaborate with other classmates to find answers and explore. In this Easter learning activity, children use plastic eggs to fill them with the paper sight words.

Once they have the eggs, a teacher or parent can spread them for an egg hunt. Children collect as many eggs as possible. As the children open their eggs, they can identify the English and Spanish sight words.

The following are the materials and instructions you need to complete this fun Easter learning activity.



  1. Print out the Spanish sight words cut outs
  2. Cut the sight words with safety scissors
  3. Set them aside
  4. Place the paper sight words in the eggs
  5. Gather the eggs
  6. Spread the eggs indoors or outdoors
  7. Have children collect the eggs
  8. Place the eggs in baskets
  9. Open the eggs
  10. Take out the paper sight words
  11. Spread the English words on side and the Spanish words on another
  12. Have children identify both English and Spanish sight words

Other ways to incorporate games into learning is to use the sight word chart. Simply print out and cover one side of the words.

Then, have children identify each word. Perhaps, if children can’t remember the word, help them by sounding out the letters or using the other side of the words.

Whether it is an Easter egg learning activity or another theme learning lesson, children learn best when they play. Playing while learning is not only educational but also fun and children tend to retain what they learn better.

What is another way that has helped your children to learn sight words?

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  1. Ay Hay tantas cosas que se pueden hacer con los huevos de resurrección. La diversión no acaba.

    1. Si por supuesto y mucho mas. La imaginacion es lo impossible.

  2. This is do so creative! I live love how you always incorporate learning bilingualism and fun.

    1. Thank you. I loved doing this learning activity with my daughter.

  3. You’re always coming up with the coolest ways to learn!! What a fun way to memorize new words! Gracias y BB2U

    1. Ah, thank you so much for your sweet comment.

  4. Muy buenas ideas me encanta el perrito y la beba divinos!

    1. Gracias son mi dos hijos 🙂

  5. Gracias por compartir tus conocimientos, me encanta visitarte porque siempre encuentro algo util para hacer con mis niños y enseñarles jugando. Saludos

    1. Me alegra mucho tu comentario, gracias.

  6. Muchas gracias por compartirlo, es ideal para hacerlo con mi Pequeña, muy educativo!


    1. Espero que a ella le guste.

  7. Está muy buena ésta idea.. Love it!

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you like it.

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