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Five tips to keep kids healthy all year long

Have you made your New Years resolution? Maybe you are trying to put together a to-do list for the upcoming year. But have you considered some ways to improve your children’s health this year?

Some of these tips are so easy to adjust to that it can change a family’s lifestyle. Here are some healthful tips to have a great kid in your life.

1. No Smoking

Let this year be the year that you quit smoking for your health and the health of your children. Some habits may be hard to break but when it comes to your health and those surrounding you, an effort can be made. Studies have shown that second hand smoke is more hazardous than not wearing a seat belt. Don’t be another statistic.

Nicotine from tobacco smoking goes to the bloodstream and travels to the brain in matters of seconds. After many uses of substance, the body is addictive to this type of chemical stimulation. However, it also causes damages to the lungs, nervous system, heart, muscles, intestines, and circulatory system.

Cigarette smoking carries many toxic chemicals that are poisonous to small children and others around it. To find out more information about how to prevent second hand smoking, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, available in English and Spanish.

No smoking sign with ash tray 2. Eat a Balance Diet

Consuming foods rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for a healthy body. Fruits and vegetables carry many vitamins such as vitamin C, A and minerals such as calcium, folate, iron, magnesium, and sodium. They also are a great source of fiber. All these components are essential for proper growth and health of bones, skin, brain, and circulatory system, to name a few.

To promote healthy eating habits, add a rainbow of fruits and vegetables every day. Try to eat and encourage your children to eat a variety of colors of fruits and vegetables. Not only will this expand the children palate but it would also increase their potential to try new foods. Eating well is a habit. A habit learned from parents or caregivers. So go ahead and eat that apple, kiwi, mango, or pineapple.

Of course, children are not always going to like a particular food but be consistent and eventually they might try it. Also, be aware of any food allergies that may occur. To learn more about how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet and your children, visit Fruits and Veggies More Matters at the Better Health Foundation.

3. Drink water

Water is an important component for all living creatures. It is necessary for proper cell functioning in bodies. It is present in almost all of the biochemical reactions in metabolic pathways. The body is composed of approximately 70% water. We need to replenish the water in our bodies more frequently due to perspiration and bodily functions.

It is a carrier of essential nutrients in your body and helps regulate body temperature. Water consumption can come from foods such as fruits and vegetables, and plain water. Of course, you should always have safe clean tap water to cook and drink.

Courtesy of Fotolia 4. Exercise

Keep active and mobile is an integral part of being healthy for you and others. But you do not have to join a gym or club to keep motivated to be healthy. Other healthy activities are walking the dog, riding a bike, flying a kite, swimming, skating, playing tennis, playing Frisbee, or just plain walking.

Exercise helps with blood circulation in your body. Hence, it helps delivers essential nutrients to your brain, heart, muscles, and other organs in your body. Also, it helps deliver oxygen to your lungs.

Oxygen is a key component for all living creatures on Earth. It helps you breathe and maintain a healthy body. Second hand smoking and environmental pollution can deplete it.

5. Communicate

With such a fast pace world and the Internet, do you know if your children are safe online. Talk to you children about the dangers that sometimes lurk online.

Who are they talking on social media networks? Who are they talking at school or after-school? Some tactics to talk to your kids are taking walks together, playing a sport together, or just putting a puzzle together. Make this a habit.

If they know that getting together for family game or pizza night, they will know that is the time to talk about their daily lives. To improve communication lines between you and your children, visit the American Psychology Association for some great tips.

Whether you need to quit smoking or improve your eating habits, I hope that you can also insist your children to keep a healthy lifestyle. And, remember that children will learn from example.

What are your New Years resolutions?

Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is an educational writer, teacher, and instructional designer. She loves to write K-12 education content, teaching strategies, bilingual education approaches, and foreign language.


  1. coolchillmom on at

    Eating healthier and having a blissful year are my goals for this year!

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      That’s a wonderful habit to initiate the new year.

  2. Cristina on at

    De acuerdo. Cuando era pequena y viviamos en Espana, no habia ninguna regulacion para prohibir fumar en espacios publicos y eso me afecto mucho. La gente fumaba en los bancos, oficinas, aeropuertos, en todas partes!
    Mi salud sufria mucho con el humo del cigarrillo 🙁
    Me alegro que ahora hay reglas que impiden que se fume en lugares publicos.

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      La verdad, que si, no habian tantas regulaciones como ahora. Despues de tantos estudios, se hizo mas reglas para obtener mejores ambientes.

  3. Para mi es muy difícil las dietas, por lo que hago lo que me gusta y es más sencillo, ejercicio. Vamos a ver si poco a poco voy cambiando mis hábitos alimenticios.

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Para mi tambien. Me encanta cocinar y prefiero hacer ejercicios.

  4. Teresa Garza on at

    Me encantaron los consejos. Justamente en eso estamos trabajando, más que un propósito de año nuevo es ajustarse gradualmente a un estilo de vida más saludable

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Espero que el a~no nuevo te traiga lo mejor.

  5. S. Yissele on at

    Excelentes resoluciones y recomendaciones Querida Barbara! Mi resoluciones de año nuevo son muchas jeje… pero entre ellas esta trabajar en tener mayor paciencia y comunicación con mi pequeña ya que por algunos cambios que tenemos esta alterando su manera de afrontar las situaciones!


    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Gracias Yissele, igualmente. Espero que todo salga bien con tu nena. Sabes, los chicos tienen que encontrar su voz, y los padres son los mejores ejemplos para eso.

  6. Excelentes tips!

    • Barbara Mascareno on at

      Gracias, me alegro de que te gusten.

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