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Fun ways to use a flannel board to learn Spanish shapes and vocabulary

Flannel boards are great learning tools to use for storytelling. But it can also be used for displaying new vocabulary and shapes. It is so versatile that no homeschool classroom or preschool class can be without one.

When using a flannel board, educators or parents can use very simple materials to make one. You can use a 11×6 inches board, which can easily fit in your hand. Or, you can use poster size board, which can have multiple uses.


How to use a flannel board to learn shapes?

You can use it by displaying different shapes with its respective names. And you can also use it along with the English and Spanish terms. A fun game of guessing each shape’s names is a fantastic way to learn them. You can also use different colors of flannel to make the shapes.

You can get the worksheets to make these shapes and names by visiting the Math Worksheet section.

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How to use a flannel board to learn vocabulary?

Learning new words is more fun when they are introduced in a flannel board. Simply, use a theme like hearts or shamrocks to make a central icon about the words. For instance, when you use a shamrock, you can incorporate all the V-words in Spanish associated with the beginning sound ver-. Not only does it add new words but it also helps children vocalize new phonic sounds.

You can get the worksheets to make the shamrock pattern and the ver- words in the Language worksheet.

Flannel boards are useful educational tools. They allow the learning to be fun and innovative. With so many colors of flannel, the possibilities of teaching are endless.

Will you construct one for your preschool class today?

How will you use your flannel board?

12 thoughts on “Fun ways to use a flannel board to learn Spanish shapes and vocabulary

  1. I shared this with my friend on fb since she is teaching her daughter Spanish. Good idea 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing on FB. I hope your friend likes this project.

  2. Sometimes I still use our flannel board to catch the cat in mid air as he jumps on the furniture, but your idea is much better. I’m already thinking of some fun things for the five year old with this!

    1. Sharon, you’re too funny. I think your 5-year-old would love doing some of these projects.

  3. I really liked these ideas! There are so simple, yet they’ll capture little ones attention and be fun to play with. Great ideas!

    1. Flannel boards are wonderful learning tools for preschoolers. They enjoy storytelling and puppets.

  4. Cute idea, thanks for sharing!

    1. So glad you like it.

  5. What a great way to have fun while learning. Thank you for sharing.

    1. I’m happy that you enjoy reading about how to teach preschoolers Spanish.

  6. Such great ideas you’re right flannel boards have endless possibilities!

    1. Yes, they sure do.

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