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Hire me as your freelance science writer

When you hire me as your freelance writer, I deliver high quality content. I offer on-time writing services in education and science. My primary focus is to give you the most high quality articles, posts, brochures, pamphlets, research paper or other content related writing.

I have more than 7 years of experience in the science industry. My background in science writing entails academia articles and technical documentation. I have also written procedures and protocols for science experimentation.

My other passion of writing is educational content. As a professional secondary science teacher, I offer articles about education curriculum, classroom techniques, foreign language learning, science tips, science methods for learning, science projects and experiments, and much more.    

Educational Science Writer

As your educational science writer, I offer high-quality content in chemistry, physics, earth science, and general science. Every article, post, or research article is carefully researched and analyzed. I offer you throughly fact-checked articles. As requested, articles may contain an abstract or a summary including a bibliography. I also offer technical science writing to help you organize and simplify technological documentation.

Content Writer

When you hire me as your content blogger, I provide high-quality posts of various topics. My topics can range from parenting, family, kids activities, and much more. Depending on your deadline, I can offer you the latest posts and content on time.

Educational Consultant

As your educational consultant, I provide you with services in curriculum development (grades 7-12), bilingual content writing, and online tutoring. Whether you’re looking for new techniques or new ways to refresh your curriculum, I work with you for the best options. I also provide bilingual content for your next newsletter, posts, or article.

Of course, if you want to go deeper in learning Spanish as a second language, my online tutoring is for you. I provide in-depth and easy lessons to help you master Spanish learning. Depending on your availability and level of Spanish, you will be learning Spanish in no time.

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My starting rates vary depending on availability and topic:

General freelancing writing:   starting at $0.50 per word

Science writing: inquiry for a quote

Researching: inquiry for a quote

Bilingual, Spanish, Education content writing: starting at $0.50 per word 

Curriculum development: inquiry for a quote

Ghostwriting: starting at $0.50 per word 

Online tutoring: starting at $40 per hour

Source: Editorial Freelancers Association

Quality of writing and research:

I thoroughly research and fact-check each topic. I provide you with the most in-depth quality of writing. For specific topics or writing assignments, I work with you to get the best quality.


You can see more on My Writing Portfolio page or you can visit my portfolio at Contently – Barbara Mascareno-Shaw


You can contact me at spanish4kiddos(at)gmail(dot)com or simply fill out the form below:

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to working with you.


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