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Earthquake Science Project at Love To Know, November 2017


Top 10 Language Learning Games for Students of All Ages at Take Lessons, September 2017

EdTech Helps English Language Learners Flourish at EdTech Focus on K-12, November 2017


3 ways to ease grading with blended technology at eSchool News, June 2017

8 Best Tech Tools to Support Bilingual Lessons at Whooo’s Reading the Blog, August 2017


7 Medicines Derived from Deadly Poisons at InfoBarrel, May 2017

10 Things to do When Boredom Sets in During Long Summer Days at Her View from Home, May 2017


What’s Next after College? at Eluceo, April 2017

How is STEM Education Shaping the Future of our Science Classes? at EdNews Daily, April 2017.


Can the Common Core Standards Meet the Needs of Special Education? at TeachDotCom, April 2014.

Read about my latest contributions at Enroll Collaborative Blogging. 2014


Aid for Struggling Readers is Helping to Read in the Content Area. voiceBoks. February 2014.

The Neurolinguistic Advantages of Being Bilingual.  Kid World Citizen. January 2014.


How to Paper Mache: Make a Bunny Easter Craft. Hands on: As we Grow. March 2013.

Why learning a foreign language is good for your brain? Raising Bilingual Children, Multilingual Education. February 2013.


Benefits of learning Spanish for career advancement. Ominglot, the online encyclopedia of writing systems and languages. January 2013

A case for bilingual education. Los Tweens: Growing up in a diverse world. December 2012


3 fun ways to learn Spanish for kids. Bilinguebabies: Learning Spanish through music and fun. October 2012.

Los mejores 20 alimentos de Espana y America Latina. Sazon Boricua. June 2012.


4 Ways to Select the Best Spanish Immersion Program. Ezine articles expert author. May 2012.

Learning Spanish: 3 Approaches to Teach Spanish to Kids. Dominique’s Desk. March 2012.


Explore Spanish Language Christmas Carols – Villancicos de Navidad. Making Multicultural Music: Sharing Diversity through the Arts. December 2011.

Spanish for Young Readers. Cookie’s Book Club. November 2011.

Family Travel: Amazing Animal Encounters at the San Diego Zoo and Sea World. Like a Bump on a Blog – Amberr is Me. January 2012.

Money saving tips for kids: 5 ways to a full piggy bank. Las Vegas Parenting Examiner. August 2012.

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