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How to make word strips to learn Spanish words with ch

Learning Spanish vocabulary for kids doesn’t have to be a boring task. By using simple homemade supplies, you’ll be able to construct a vocabulary that is easy to make. Words in Spanish have a special significance.

Spanish words can easily be pronounced when using syllables. Words like chocolate or elefante have cho-co-la-te and e-le-fan-te. When you don’t know a new word in Spanish, all you have to do is separate the syllables to figure out the pronunciation.

In this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn how Spanish syllables form
  • Learn new Spanish words
  • Assimilate English and Spanish words
Embellished heart with word strip in Spanish
Embellished heart with word strip in Spanish


In this lesson, you’ll learn to use the heart and word strip to learn new Spanish words. By switching word strips, you’ll be able to see the different ways to make words with ch-. The letters ch- is part of many Spanish words, the same as learning words with gi-, ga-, gu-, and go-.

If you have flash cards with pictures, then it would be great to use them along the heart and word strips. It is easy to visualize the words with a picture to supplement this learning activity.

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  • Printouts
  • Tag paper or construction paper
  • Crayons
  • Safety scissors


  1. Print the heart and word strips from the Language section.
  2. Trace the heart shape onto tag paper or sturdy construction paper.
  3. Color the heart red, pink, or your choosing, if not using tag paper.
  4. Use decorative stickers or embellishments.
  5. Cut out the dashed lines in the rectangle. (fold slightly along the line)
  6. Set aside.
  7. Cut out the word strips.
  8. Slide one strip from the back of the heart to the other.
  9. Repeat for each strip.

To find more Spanish words and strips products, please visit TutoringServices4All.

Did you like making this project? What did you like best?

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  1. Uy, que cool!!!! Se lo paso a una amiga que la nena está aprendiendo a leer ahora. Gracias.

    1. Gracias, espero que a tu amiga le guste.

  2. Muy importantes tips para usar a “Ch” Muchas gracias por tu ayuda siempre y por el premio que gane en tu Blog me va a ser muy útil para mi Pequeña! Cariños y


    1. Me alegro de que te guste y lo compartes con tu nena.

  3. Esto esta super creativo love it! I will do some for my grandson for him to learn Spanish. Gracias!!

    1. I hope your grandson loves making this fun craft.

  4. q Que buenos consejos, gracias

    1. De nada; gracias por tu comentario.

  5. Great idea, keeps the kiddos interested and looks super cute!

    1. I appreciate your comment; thanks 🙂

  6. Muy interesante esta manera de interactuar con los idiomas!

    1. Sí, por supuesto. El proyecto es muy fácil de hacer y a los chicos les encanta.

  7. m Muy buena idea 🙂 will have to keep this in mind for later

    1. I hope you give this craft a try when your little son arrives.

  8. what acreative and cool concept. love it
    the chocolate one is perfect for valentine’s too 🙂

    1. It’s very cute; I love it, too.

  9. What a great educational activity ! Very cute.

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