Bilingual Stories – The Life Cycle of a Flower

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When was the last time you saw your student or child beam with curiosity as reading? Young readers interact more with literature when adults read out loud to them or read together.

That is the enthusiasm of reading.

Children, especially ages four to five, love to learn about the world around them. Encourage that curiosity by using simple reading materials to generate that interest. English and Spanish literature books, side by side, strengthen the curiosity in kids by having the same story in either language.

Grade Level: K-2

RF.1.1.A, RF.1.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), RF.1.4.A, RF.2.4, Standard 4 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), NGSS: K-LS1.1 (RI.K.1), 2-LS2-1 (W.2.7, W.2.8), 2-LS4-1 (W.2.7, W.2.8)

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As you read through the story, the context shows you how to promote literacy whether in English or Spanish. The fun part is that you have two stories in one booklet.

For instance, you can read the story in English only or take turns and read in Spanish and English. In that way, your young reader grasps the concept of reading and the context. Integrate the learning of life cycles with this booklet as young readers learn about how seeds generate flowers and eventually fruits.

Think about the last time a reading material supported you in the classroom or at home repeatedly.

Besides using these printable reading materials year after year, you interact with your young reader to learn new ways to explore the world.


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Enhance the reading adventures of young readers with this English and Spanish printable.

More than a reading booklet, the Bilingual Stories – The Life Cycle of a Flower story enriches vocabulary in both languages and promotes reading comprehension.

With the help of a bilingual glossary, you can explore more about the life cycle of a flower. Support the life cycle of a flower with a printable activity that young readers can complete during or after reading.

The booklet is ideal to use during the Fall season or as a complement to life cycles of plants.

This booklet includes

  • six color English pages of reading
  • six Spanish color pages of text
  • two English and Spanish pages of the glossary (fruit, pistil, pollination, seed, and stamen)
  • one color flower printable with cutout labels
  • one answer key to the flower printable


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