Spanish mini books – Sight Word Mi

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Diversify your classroom library with this Spanish mini book Sight Word MI (MY) to learn the sight word Mi. Books are precious learning materials in any class library.

What’s a teacher to do with a minimal budget? Aside from donations, bilingual teachers need budget-friendly reading tools to support literacy in the classroom.

With Spanish mini book printables, you can accommodate how students

  • grasp reading,
  • sight words, and
  • more language skills.

Vitalize the learning experience in the classroom with relatable sentences, activities and writing practice. Imagine having all those tools in one mini book.

With this printable Spanish mini book, students learn more than reading. Young readers engage with

  • Spanish prepositions,
  • subject-verb agreement,
  • gender, and
  • fine-motor skills.

Besides learning Spanish sight words, students read about healthy eating habits and staying fit with exercise. In this teaching resource for grades preK-1 of Spanish sight word Mi, young learners develop writing practice in Spanish and enhance vocabulary by using adjectives typical of a gender form in Spanish.

Aside from printables, Spanish mini books are ideal resources for bilingual teachers supporting literacy in the classroom and at home.

Grade Level: K-1

RF.K.1.A, RF.K.2, Standard 2 DLE (Spanish Development Standard), RF.K.3.C, RF.K.1.4, Complementary Standard (Illinois Learning Standards, Physical Development (G1) 22.B.1

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More than a Spanish mini-book, this teaching resource helps with:

  • reading comprehension in an eight-page black and white format
  • identifying the Spanish sight word Mi
  • establishing a good practice of healthy eating and exercise
  • practicing writing names, adjectives, and drawing
  • engaging in fine-motor skills by cutting and arranging pages in order


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