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Spanish lesson for kids: Learning the alphabet with pictures

Letters are like building blocks to make words. When we talk (either in Spanish or English) we use composite of letters and sounds to make new words. In fact, as we combine letters, we phonetically pronounce words.

In Spanish, we use syllables, in many combinations, to form one, two, three, or even four syllable words. In many instances, Spanish syllables can be either weak or strong depending on how vowels are combined.

By learning the Spanish alphabet, you know the basic pronunciation of many words. And, if you know many words in Spanish, you increase your vocabulary. As you read more and more Spanish books, you will recognize the word in print.

 When you identify words in Spanish, you have mastered recognizing letters of the Spanish alphabet. In this lesson, you will learn how to pronounce letters in Spanish, recognize words in Spanish, and write them in Spanish.

What are the objectives of this lesson plan?

  • Learning the Spanish alphabet using common words and pictures
  • Learning Spanish phonetic by viewing the video

What are the learning activities?

How to extend your learning of Spanish alphabet?

  • Continue to read beginner alphabet books in Spanish and English
  • Practice the worksheets found in the language worksheet section
  • Continue to listen to Spanish videos or music