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Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

hispanic heritage resources

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM) is a beautiful opportunity to bring in cultural knowledge about Hispanic influencers in your community. What are some ways you implement Hispanic awareness in the classroom?

Foster a sense of community in the class by using this event to talk about different types of cultures. Besides using posters, videos, essays, and other projects, focus on the relevance of this annual event.

Many cities celebrate heritage month by displaying art exhibits, festivals, and music.

Here are a few suggestions to build your knowledge about this cultural event in your classroom: 

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Teaching Strategies in a Multicultural Classroom

teaching strategies

3 strategies to help teachers in multicultural classrooms

Based on the diversity of the classrooms across America, multicultural classrooms are becoming a daily scenario for many teachers. The cultural dynamics of classrooms now encompasses students from all walks of life and from around the world.

It is beyond belief that much of a teacher’s toolkit does not involve teaching strategies in multicultural classrooms. As a matter of fact, few programs emphasize the need for a cultural teaching class.

It is even more evident as different student needs change as the diversity of student population changes. But what are the effective teaching strategies that teachers can build up in their toolkits?

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