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10 Ways to Teach Spanish Sight Words

teach Spanish sight words

What are some fun ways to teach Spanish sight words?

To teach Spanish sight words is just as important as learning them whether it is in English or Spanish. When teaching Spanish sight words, it is essential to offer the tools for students to use these words constantly.

Often regarded as high-frequency words, sight words are a collection of must-know words. In Spanish, sight words are important in reading, syllable formation, and sentence structure.

Whether it is a foreign language class or an ESL class, Spanish sight words are handy elements to learning language. Students are more apt to learn a new language when they have the tools to read.

For instance, when introducing new vocabulary, sight words are the first components in every lesson of reading. Among the many standards in teaching Spanish, sight words are one of the most important parts of learning Spanish.

Here you will learn the traditional and innovative ways to teach Spanish sight words. I hope these strategies spark fun ways to teach Spanish.

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How to Teach Months in Spanish

teach months in Spanish

How do you teach months in Spanish in an easy and fun way?

One of the best ways to learn Spanish for beginners is to learn the months of the year. It is beneficial to explore how to write, pronounce, and know each month.

Many of the months are easily displayed in the classroom or homeschool group. Perhaps, you might want to start by pointing out the basic components of a typical date. Focus on the number, day, month, and year.

In this way, the basic parts of the date set the foundation for learning more about time in Spanish.

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Spanish Sentence Structure: Prepositions

spanish sentence structure preposition

Spanish sentence structure in learning prepositions and classroom objects helps students learn the different ways to use Spanish prepositions. So far we learned how classroom objects are everywhere in our classrooms and homeschool class and how they can show us to learn about prepositions in Spanish. In this lesson, you will learn how the Spanish sentence structure is important in learning Spanish prepositions. Also, you will learn how prepositions are used in different types of Spanish sentences.


To better grasp the concept of Spanish prepositions, it is a good idea to have the Classroom Object worksheet and the Matching game with you as you practice the following. You can find those in the Language section.

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