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Spanish books for kids to learn about ladybugs

What’s more amazing than to find tiny ladybugs in your garden? Well, these insects are wonders of nature that help plants stay healthy. And there are many great picture books to educate children about ladybugs.

Even the life cycle of ladybugs is an amazing lesson in science. Although it can be complicated to understand for many children, many nonfiction books prepare this science miracle in simple terms. What are some great books to teach children about ladybugs?

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Spanish books for kids to read about poetry

read about poetry

Children’s poetry is one of the most entertaining ways to educate them about literature. Does poetry for kids have to be tedious and difficult to read? No, it doesn’t have to be dull, monotonous, and uninteresting. Parents and educators can read different poems to engage children.

Spanish poetry for children is fun to read and it can entertain the crowds. As a result, reading is a skill that can be done with finger puppets or plays. Whatever parents and educators use to introduce poetry, they need to make sure it’s fun. Parents can use the rhyming in the lyrics to enhance the imagination of children.

Spanish poetry books are easy and fun ways to add to the current reading skills. Here are seven books that represent children’s poetry in colorful and delightful ways to read.

read about poetry

Read About Poetry with Kids

“Arco Iris de Poesía: Poemas de las Américas y España” by Sergio Andricain and Olga Cuellar

In this wonderful poetry book, children can read about different poems. Many of them are full of rhyme and illustration to encourage imagination in children. In fact, it is also a great anthology of many Spanish authors. ISBN: 9781930332591

“Zoológico de poemas” by Margarita Montalvo

This bilingual collection of poems can inspire every child’s mind. Full of illustrations and fun poems to read, children will enjoy the many stories within. Further, this book has a glossary and additional resources. ISBN: 0439706815

“Jitomates Risueños y otros poemas de primavera” by Francisco X. Alarcon and Maya Christina Gonzalez

In this beautiful bilingual collection of poetry for children, young readers can learn about Spanish rhyming and Hispanic culture. The illustrations alone can promote reading each poem. ISBN: 0892391391

“Del Ombligo de la Luna y otros poemas de verano” by Francisco X. Alarcon and Maya Christina Gonzalez

This colorful bilingual anthology is full of poems about summer. The author perfectly depicts the summer season in Mexico. This is a wonderful book to share with bilingual students. ISBN: 0892391537

Fun Poetry Books

“Los Ángeles Andan en Bicicleta” by Francisco X. Alarcon and Maya Christina Gonzalez

From reading poems about placitas to riding bikes in LA, children learn about the many activities they can do in Los Angeles, California. A city full of wonder, this bilingual book describes a typical Hispanic neighborhood. ISBN: 089239160X

“Iguanas en la nieve” by Francisco X. Alarcon and Maya Christina Gonzalez

What to do on a cold winter afternoon? There is nothing better than to read these fun poems and the great activities in winter. From snowballs to sledding, this bilingual poem collection is sure to entertain. ISBN: 0892391685

“Cayendo hacia arriba” by Shel Silverstein

This Spanish poem book is full of amazing reading for children. As you read each poem, the words seem to come life. In addition, they are so much fun to read. Full of tongue-twisting rhymes, children of every age can enjoy this book. ISBN: 9781933032801

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon. And read them with your kids to inspire literature in a fun way. Add them to your home library today.

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Spanish books for kids: Teaching children to get dress

Do you often struggle with children to get them dress before heading out the door? It’s not easy to teach kids the importance of getting dress. It’s more than a struggle. But how can parents help children in getting dress?

Picture books are excellent resources to help educate children about getting dress. Whether it’s using the proper clothes for adequate whether or using dress-up costumes for playtime, children can learn the right time to use these clothes.

The Spanish books listed here show dressing can be a learning experience at any age. Many of these books should be read together and emphasize the need to use certain items at particular items.

Spanish books for kids - getting dressed

“Clothes/La Ropa” by Mary Berendes

This picture dictionary is a great tool to teach children the different names of clothes in Spanish and English. Kids can learn what clothes are right for each season and type of weather. Names of accessories are also included. Additional resources are available. ISBN: 9781592969890

“Nuestra Comunidad Global: Ropa” by Lisa Easertling

This nonfiction Spanish book explains the difference in clothes and the other types of traditional clothing in other culture. Illustrations are followed by simple easy-to-read text. It also depicts the different uniforms workers use to do a particular job. ISBN: 9781432904470

“Mi lugar preferido” by Dana Meachen Rau and illustrated by Julie J. Kim

Children will love to read how this little girl’s favorite place to hide: the closet. While other family members discover the best place to be, she finds hers. In there, she can imagine she’s many different people, read, and so much more. The closet is more than a place to store your clothes. It’s a place of imagination. ISBN: 051625250X

“Vístete, Robertito” by Lone Morton

This bilingual picture book is a great illustration of how children can be undecided. From trying on sweaters for summer or bathing suits for winter, it can be an unexpected experience in getting dress. The book greatly presents the many clothing children like to wear in a humorous way. ISBN: 0764151290

“Está preparado señor coc?” by Jo Lodge

In this fun pop-up book, Mr. Crocodile has fun trying on different clothes from his closet. Preschool children can enjoy this Spanish colorful picture book and find a great surprise at the end of the book. ISBN: 9788426361929

“Froggy se viste” by Jonathan London and illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

When Froggy decides to go outside to play in the fresh snow of the season, he finds that winter can also mean plenty of warm clothes. His mom advises him to wear socks, pants, socks, and other clothing. But as his enthusiasm builds up, it also makes him tired and sleepy. This Spanish book is great for emergent readers. ISBN: 9780670874149

Find these great books at your local library, bookstore or Amazon: Children’s section. And read them with your kids to inspire literature in a fun way. Add them to your home library today.