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Spanish sight words lists for reading support

Spanish sight words lists

Learning Spanish sight words lists is not an easy task. Asking beginning readers to memorize up to one-hundred words or more is challenging. Imagine the responsibility for an ELL student or a young learner in Spanish?

While feeling overwhelmed is probably the way most bilingual students encounter when learning a new language. Children have to understand the letter identification portion before trying to memorize the Spanish sight word lists.

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Sensory bins as building blocks for bilingual learning

sensory bins

Sensory bins are containers that generate fun and engaging activities. Use sensory bins in a variety of ways to show themes of learning, vocabulary introduction, or encourage tactile experiences.

More importantly, sensory bins create alternative ways to practice motor skills for preschoolers. Preschoolers interact with many aspects of their surroundings.

That is, they use all their senses to feel, hear, touch, smell, and even to taste. Although many senses in your bodies trigger a reaction, we often are unaware of the effect in the learning experience. So, how do sensory bins help children, especially bilingual, develop language skills to be successful in both languages?

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Spanish Sentence Structure: Prepositions

spanish sentence structure preposition

Spanish sentence structure in learning prepositions and classroom objects helps students learn the different ways to use Spanish prepositions. So far we learned how classroom objects are everywhere in our classrooms and homeschool class and how they can show us to learn about prepositions in Spanish. In this lesson, you will learn how the Spanish sentence structure is important in learning Spanish prepositions. Also, you will learn how prepositions are used in different types of Spanish sentences.


To better grasp the concept of Spanish prepositions, it is a good idea to have the Classroom Object worksheet and the Matching game with you as you practice the following. You can find those in the Language section.

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