Feelings lesson plan in Spanish


Feelings lessons are part of preschool curriculum in almost every class. Lessons on feelings terms help preschoolers to deal with behavior issues.

It also helps to understand feelings. Whether emotions take part of our daily lives, it is our feelings that we express when we are happy, sad, frustrated, angry, excited or surprised.

Much of our feelings show up in our faces. We express happiness when we smile and show sadness when we frown.

In this feelings lesson plan, you will learn how feelings are part of our brains. This lesson also includes a brief bilingual activity to teach children about feelings.

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Easter egg learning activity

Easter egg learning activity

This Easter egg learning activity for children is fun and educational. By using plastic Easter eggs and some sight words, young children can collect them and learn as they go.

Learning sight words can be tedious and boring when using flash cards memorization. Some children, who are visual learners, become frustrated.

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Spanish sight words

Spanish sight words

Spanish sight words are simple one or two syllable words that can only be learned by memorization. Just like in English, Spanish sight words are important for reading.

Eventually, the reader becomes more aware of phonetics and print awareness. More importantly, readers can now begin to comprehend what they are reading.  

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