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Spanish learning activity: Seasons

Spanish learning activity

In this Spanish learning activity, you’ll learn to make a bilingual mobile of the seasons. By using simple homemade products, you’ll be able to recycle and teach children about the seasons.

The Spanish learning activity consists of making a mobile from a wire hanger and displaying the seasons on paper plates and cut outs. Children will be cutting pieces of common things of seasons.

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How to make a safe and fun kaleidoscope for kids

They’re beautiful to look at and kids love to play with them. What’s more to love is the way the color interweave in a majestic color design. What am I referring to? I’m referring to a kaleidoscope. These amazing tools of light and color are great for kids to explore light reflection by just simply turning a color wheel.

Kaleidoscope (caleidoscopio) derives from the Greek kalos, which means beautiful, eidos, which means form, and scopeo, which means to observe. In other words, kaleidoscope is a cylindrical tube that contains a series of mirrors. The tube has one end piece (opening) to allow visible light in and a small eyepiece for viewing.

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Summer Craft Idea for Kids to Make Pet Rocks

summer craft idea

A summer craft idea is ideal when ending a summer vacation, especially when your vacation is coming to a close. And many parents are getting ready for the busy routine of the school year. Before the summer is over, many children collect items to remember their time spent either in summer camp or visiting family.

Young children love to find and keep their treasures from a field trip in nature or a walk on the beach. And many children like to keep rocks, leaves, and other interesting objects. That is, pet rocks are wonderful keepsakes that children keep as a nice memory of summer vacation. This craft activity helps children to investigate their creative abilities.

Creating crafts is a wonderful learning experience for preschoolers and children because it boosts their creative skills. In fact, it stimulates brain activity to make problem-solving more realistic. Children are more apt to face problem-solving when they’re more creative at tackling the problem with different solutions. 

Here is a great idea to only keep them busy with this summer activity but to also make a cheered souvenir from lazy days of vacation. This summer craft idea also helps them learn about reusing and recycling household materials.

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