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Wild Animal Names in Spanish

Wild animal names in Spanish is a terrific way to increase Spanish vocabulary. Many children associate seeing wild animals in zoos or conservation centers.

So, why not spend time to teach children the Spanish terms? With a few dual language lessons, you’ll be able to incorporate Spanish names in themes and curriculum

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How Does Bilingualism Affect Language Development in Children?

language development in children

Language development in children conveys many benefits as much as various misconceptions. While there are ways to introduce another language at home to children, other family members might speak differently.

Perhaps, family members with expertise in the native language switch back and forth. As a result, young children begin to assimilate the language spoken at home and outside the home. However, for young children, there is no clear distinction between the two languages.

So, many parents or caregivers may interpret this language acquisition method as developmental delay or disorder. Misconceptions like these can often deter children from flourishing in learning another language. 

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Teaching kids to love a foreign language

teaching kids

Teaching kids a foreign language is just as important as to love it. While many parents would enjoy for their children to learn a foreign language, it is not always feasible. Many times, older children are not interested in learning another language.

Mostly, they feel outcasts among friends that don’t speak the language. In addition to not sharing the same connection in learning a language, older children, especially, have a difficult time to accept the differences.

More often, they have trouble keeping up with their native one let alone another language. What keeps older children from achieving their desire to learn a second language?

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