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Fun learning activities – Careers

fun learning activities careers

Fun learning activities like learning careers can be more than educational. It opens up the opportunity for children to learn about what jobs are done in the community.

This fun learning activity also encourages children to explore careers. In doing a job, sometimes children may not be aware of dangers or hazards that grown-ups do. What are some fun activities you can use in the classroom to learn about careers?

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Spanish seasons lesson plan

spanish seasons

Spanish seasons are fun to learn. Seasons occur in a cycle: winter, spring, summer, and fall.

In this Spanish lesson about learning seasons, you’ll learn the basic information about seasons and how plants adapt to the different changes in seasons.

Make sure to go over the Spanish seasons keyword and learning activity in using this lesson plan.

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Learning through senses of taste, hear, and touch

Complete collage

Learning through senses of taste, hear, and touch can help us discover new things everyday. The five senses altogether help us see nature around us. How do they work?

You can learn how the five senses work in our bodies in this Spanish lesson. Also, it’s great to incorporate the Spanish bilingual terms. When we learn through our senses, we can experience the world around us in an amazing way.

What are the learning though the senses of taste, hear, and touch? In this lesson, you’ll learn the basic information about the sense of taste, hearing, and touch. Once you know the brief science background, you can use the diagrams and free worksheets to practice what you’ve learned.

You can also pair this lesson with the five senses in Spanish for kids. This way you have a comprehensive ESL lesson to teach children about the basic knowledge of our five senses.

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