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Summer Immersion Programs

summer immersion programs

What are questions to ask about summer immersion programs? Summer immersion programs are very popular when the school year is over. Perhaps, you might’ve considered whether these programs are worth the time and money. Regardless of the motivation to undertake a course or begin a summer immersion program, you need to know the following questions.

Considerations about Spanish summer immersion programs

How is the Spanish immersion program going to help you? You might wonder the type of Spanish immersion program to take with so many options, especially online. Before you make a commitment to taking a summer course or class, consider how is being immersed in the Spanish language going to help you learn better?

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Benefits of Spanish Two-Way Immersion Programs

two-way immersion programs

Two-way immersion programs are becoming increasingly popular in many states where Spanish-speaking students are part of the student population. Dual-immersion programs are those curriculums that integrate Spanish and English into subjects like language arts, science, math, and social studies.

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Immersion program ideas for grades K-1: 10 ways to incorporate Spanish topics

immersion program ideas

Bilingual children learn best when language topics are shown in a fun and entertaining way. It is even more fun when reading and grammar concepts are easily tied to puppet shows and stories.

But how can parents and educators add simple immersion program ideas to learning Spanish?

Immersion Program Ideas for Bilingual Classes Background

Immersion programs are categorized in 3 simple ways: one-way, two-way, and full immersion classes.

But for children between the ages 3 – 7, a two-way immersion program is the ideal way for them to acquire a second language. Learning while they play is the best way they learn.

In a two-way immersion course, English-speaking students are immersed in a class with Spanish-speaking students. And what a great combination this is. When Spanish students show their intellect in the language to non-native speakers, it offers the best of two worlds.

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