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Summer Reading Tips: 5 Ways to Encourage Reading After School

summer reading

Summer is the season to temporarily say good-bye to the school year and begin summer vacation. In fact, many students look forward to that last day of school with anticipation and excitement. Regardless of whether children enjoyed learning during the past school year, summer should still present an opportunity for them to learn while playing.

So, use summer reading as a chance to encourage children to pick a book, novel, or graphic novel. The importance of reading is participating in selecting a book you enjoy. During the summer break, children can still develop their cognitive skills with a few summer reading tips. But summer learning does not have to be a structured curriculum.

One of the reasons for continuing summer learning is to enhance their language skills. By providing motivational reading skills, children will be able to develop more vocabulary and maintain what they learned from before. As a matter of fact, children that are constantly learning, develop skills in language, are better able to deal with stress, and develop their brainpower.

Other studies have shown that being bilingual can actually boost a child’s cognitive skills. But constant learning can only fuel this brainpower. And some of this knowledge can be either through reading story books, participating in summer reading programs, summer activity camps, summer book clubs, music, and other Spanish immersion programs. What are some summer reading tips to motivate children to continue learning?

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