In this worksheet page, you can find 4 main sections, which offers you resources in language, math, science, and social studies (Hispanic culture). The resources help you instruct not only in Spanish, but it also helps you with simple science and math topics. Visit our Spanish4Kiddos store for more printables, worksheets, and classroom activities.


Perhaps, it is not easy to teach difficult concepts such as photosynthesis or seasons. Here, you find valuable worksheets to plan your lessons for your bilingual classroom or homeschool group.

Resources found in these sections are thoroughly researched, representing the best quality of worksheets. Because these worksheets are short and simple, you can use them for quick assessments or interactive notebooks.

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Education Resources Worksheets

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The following describes each section in detail:

Language Worksheet Section

The language section helps you find information and exercises about basic Spanish grammar. Thus, each worksheet offers lesson planning in grammar, vocabulary, and writing.

In this section, you will find mini-books, which helps with reading comprehension and vocabulary. Within the language section, you will also find verb conjugation charts.

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The verb conjugation charts, designed to be used as part of PowerPoint presentations, contain verb examples and the common Spanish conjugation.

This section also offers you patterns for preschool dramatic play or storytelling.

The following show you some popular worksheets:

Math Worksheet Section

The math section supports you with information about shapes, numbers, patterns and other related logic problems. Numbers and shapes worksheets go along with fun and easy hands-on activities.

Here are a few popular examples:

Science Worksheet Section

The science section helps you find information about basic science concepts. Here, you will find worksheets about plants, butterfly life cycle, ladybug life cycle, and environment.

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Thus, here are a few popular examples:

The Hispanic Culture section is where you can find information about the Hispanic culture and traditions.

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